How to Divide Household Chores When Living With a Partner

Living with or moving in with your significant other can be one of the most important milestones for any couple. Whether you’re newly dating or preparing to get married, sharing a home with someone you love is an exciting next chapter. But to alleviate any unnecessary tension around the logistics of living together, it’s essential to communicate while you’re cohabitating.

Sit down with your partner and discuss your individual preferences and pet peeves about how you’d like to keep your home. For example, do you want shoes worn in the house? Can dishes be left in the sink overnight? Does clothing need to be hung up and items tucked into storage at the end of each day?

Setting these expectations before a larger issue has the chance to grow may feel uncomfortable, but it’s a great way to provide a clear vision for your shared space. And along with these expectations have a conversation about household chores, as well. Because after all, you’re together for the good, the bad, and the ugly… and sometimes the ugly looks like taking out an overflowing trash can.

A List of the Most Common Household Chores for Couples

Not everything on this list will apply to everyone — those living in an apartment may not have responsibilities relating to lawn care, while others may not own a pet. Still, it’s a great place to get started in thinking about everything that goes into maintaining a home.

The following is a list of the most common household chores for couples:

  1. Cleaning the kitchen: washing the dishes, emptying the trash, sorting the refrigerator
  2. Cleaning the bathrooms: sink, toilet, shower
  3. Cleaning the floors: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming
  4. Doing laundry: clothing, towels, linens
  5. Lawn care: mowing, weeding, watering
  6. Taking care of pets: feeding, walking, bathing

For some couples, it may make sense to complete chores together. With this arrangement, compromise is vital, as is finding a rhythm that works for both of you. For example, if your partner cooks, you might be the one to clean up afterward. Or if they wash the dishes, you’ll jump in to dry and put them away. `

For couples whose schedules don’t align or when it’s more practical to divide up the chores, a chart may come in handy. A household chore chart for couples can be made with an online spreadsheet or sketched by hand.

How to Create a Household Chore Chart for Couples

When putting together your chore chart, try and keep these tips in mind:

Divide and Conquer

Assign chores based on activities you each enjoy — or at least those you don’t hate — or by things that are most important to you. If you find folding laundry therapeutic, maybe that task falls to you every week.

Keep Time Commitments Even Stevens

Keep in mind the length of time each chore requires, and try to keep those values equal among you and your partner. Make sure one person doesn’t have ten hours of chores each week compared to the other person’s three hours.

Consider Deadlines

Set realistic deadlines for each chore. For example, the daily dishes should be washed and put away after dinner, or the bathroom needs cleaning every Friday. Remember that household chores require different deadlines, so plan accordingly.

Pitch In

Be flexible, and acknowledge sometimes things come up that prevent you from getting your chores done on time. When this happens, help your partner out by filling in for them and vice versa. That way, everybody wins!

Switch Roles

Reevaluate the chore chart and switch things up every so often to break out of your routine and give each other a holistic perspective on what it takes to keep your home tidy!

Teamwork will look as different as everyone’s relationship does, so find the sweet spot that makes sense for you, and try your best to stick with it. A clean home is a happy home, as is an aesthetically pleasing one. Regardless if you and your significant other are renting a cozy apartment or purchasing your first property together, a beautiful home is sure to spark joy.

Our Home is Tidy… What’s Next?

Living in a space is not only a great reason to commit to keeping tidy, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to re-decorate, as well. Hang on to furniture or accessories that mean the most, but be open to exploring a new style that suits both of your tastes.

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