6 Worst Times of Year to Move

Let’s be honest. Whether you’re going across the street or the country, moving is rarely a stress-free experience. And while there are ideal times of the year to move, sometimes you don’t have control over when you’re moving. It could be due to an unexpected life event, changes to your living situation, or simply because your lease is up. While you may not always have the option to move during the best month to rent an apartment, there are ways to make the most of it.


We’ve talked about when is the best time to move into an apartment, but this guide will walk you through the worst times of year to move and how to navigate them if you absolutely must!

1. Off the Local Schedule


The typical local moving schedule can depend on several factors. Often, areas with a large student population (such as Boston, Massachusetts) will have the most rentals available starting in the fall and sublets available for the summer. Someone trying to move to Boston in January may have difficulty finding housing.


Likewise, other areas may have their own particular “schedule” for when apartments and rentals are most commonly available. Pre-leasing is common in some places, where apartments with August or September availability are listed in April or May and sold out by the fall.


2. Around Major Holidays


Moving around major holidays is very stressful. Travel is expensive. You’re juggling guests, parties, gifts, and more. On top of that, many offices and banks are closed during major holidays, making moving more difficult. This might make December the worst month to rent an apartment!

If you have to move during the holiday rush, there is one bright side: housing prices tend to be lower due to a lack of demand.


3. In Bad Weather


Unless you’re lucky to live somewhere with a year-round temperate climate, your area likely has a season where severe weather is more common. Whether hurricanes, heavy snowfall, or scorching heat, severe weather can make your move more stressful or downright dangerous. The best time of year to move to your area is likely with the mildest weather!


4. During Peak Moving Times


It may seem counterintuitive to avoid peak moving times, but it’s best to avoid summertime to save money or have options regarding availability and professional movers. June, July, and August are the most popular times to move, causing moving services and apartment complexes to have less availability and charge more. Avoid moving at the height of summer, as these are some of the worst months to rent an apartment.


5. During a Significant Life Event


When is the best time to move? Not during a major life change! Moving right before a life event, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, or a significant career change, can add unnecessary pressure and disrupt the joyous occasion. These life events often require your undivided attention, and tackling a move simultaneously might lead to exhaustion, emotional strain, and decreased ability to enjoy the experience fully.


6. During the Middle of the Month


Moving during the middle of the month, especially with very little notice, can be tricky. Many apartment complexes set leases to end and begin at the first of the month, meaning that mid-month may have less availability than the first or last week of the month.


Moving at the Worst Time of Year: How to Make it Easier


Sometimes you just can’t plan to relocate during the best month to move into an apartment. You still have options, though! These tips will help ease the process in case you do have to move at an undesirable time.


Hire movers


Hiring professionals to assist with your move can take some stress off your plate–and your lower back! Professional movers can move boxes you’ve already packed; services are also available to help you pack. While you may spend more on professional movers if you have to move at the last minute or during peak season, it can be worth the stress reduction.


Short-term lease to get on a better schedule


If you have to move suddenly and aren’t finding many options that are a good fit for your family, consider a short-term lease. Moving multiple times may seem more stressful, but a short-term or month-to-month lease can allow you to return to a regular moving schedule when there is greater availability. 


Make a plan


If you must move during a tricky time of year, keep it organized. Building an 8-week schedule can help you tackle tasks slowly instead of all at once and ensure you’re not left scrambling at the last minute. It’ll also help manage some of the inevitable moving stress.


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