Transform Your Basement With These 8 Basement Office Ideas

Your home has become your office, too. But now you’ve decided to give yourself a dedicated office space! A basement home office gives you limitless possibilities, not to mention plenty of privacy during the day. Want to convert an underused basement into the home office of your dreams? Get your creative juices flowing with these design ideas for basement office spaces.

Basement Office Ideas to Help You Create the Perfect Space

1. Function should come first.

Of course, you want to work in a beautifully outfitted basement home office, but looks don’t matter if your workspace isn’t functional. Consider your priorities before you buy anything for your basement office. If you need the best desk for dual monitors, start there and build your design around it. Want a comfy office chair for long work-from-home days? Build your setup so you can fit a sizable chair and move around in it with no problems. After all, you’re more productive when your basement office space meets all your needs!

2. Add multiple types of lighting. 

Since basements typically don’t get much natural light (they are underground, after all), it’s important to add ample lighting to your workspace. Overhead or wall-mounted lighting adds ambiance, while a desk lamp gives you light to work by. Vary the height of your light fixtures by using both table lamps and floor lamps (and wall scones, if you can hang things on the wall). If you’re working in an unfinished basement, consider hanging string lights or small pendants from the beams to add interest.

3. Choose colors wisely.

Whether you’d like to paint or you’re opting for renter-friendly wall decor, keep in mind that lighter colors reflect and amplify light (both natural light and from fixtures). Dark colors can quickly dampen any light you do have in the space, making it feel small. You want cozy, not cave-like! And don’t limit color to the walls, either — a bright area rug can add style, dampen sound, and provide a soft surface for your feet (which is particularly important if your basement isn’t finished).

4. Make it multipurpose.

If you have ample space in your basement, why not make your basement office into the ultimate flex space? Add a couch or a few comfy chairs to give yourself numerous landing places throughout the day. Those lounge spots can give you a change of scenery, and double as a reading nook once your workday is done.

5. Create the illusion of space. 

Going “light” doesn’t just apply to your wall colors and decor. Look for airy furniture—like a desk with an open metal frame— to keep the room from feeling too heavy or stuffy. The same applies to other furniture, too: open-sided bookcases or simple, leggy accent chairs can help the room feel airy instead of cramped. 

6. Pay attention to proportions and layout.

There’s one thing that’s important in any interior design plan: scale. Make sure your furniture is properly proportioned to your room size. If you have plenty of space, you may be able to get away with floating a large desk in the center of the room or placing it along the wall. Otherwise, an L-shaped desk in a corner can give you ample space for all your tasks within a small footprint. Above all, keep in mind that furniture that’s too big can make a small space feel even smaller.

7. Use space-saving solutions to your advantage.

Even the smallest basement office nook can feel spacious if you think creatively. Use a monitor stand to free up space on your desktop for a mouse pad, or mount a cup holder to the side of your standing desk so your morning coffee doesn’t take up valuable real estate. For storage, choose home office furniture with built-in shelving or a desktop hutch to take advantage of vertical space. 

8. Don’t forget about your background.

If you’re working in an unfinished basement, take some extra steps to polish up your background for video conferencing. A simple room divider works well, or you can set up a few bookshelves and add decor for a built-in library feel with a bit of personality. 

Set Up Your Ideal Basement Home Office

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