5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Office Setup

Ah, the life of working from home — sipping coffee in your pajamas, skipping the morning commute, and effortlessly hopping from bed to the “office” in a few steps. But let’s face it, after nearly four years of this setup, you might be feeling aches in places you didn’t know existed, courtesy of that lopsided chair or desk that seems fit for a gnome. 


If you’re still hunched over your laptop on the sofa or jammed into the corner of a guest bedroom, it might be time to give your work-from-home office setup a serious upgrade. But we know it can be hard to justify work-from-home (WFH) expenses, so here are five reasons it’s truly worth it! 


1. Get Comfy – You’ll Be More Productive


The first step to designing a more productive workspace is to invest in comfort. Why? Recent research shows that productivity is heavily correlated to physical and mental comfort. So consider what makes your home office uncomfortable and invest in your productivity. Swap out your smelly office chair for a breathable, mesh one. Spruce up your dim lighting with some lamps, and add a dash of style with some wall art


When you upgrade your WFH setup, you get more work done comfortably. That’s what we call a win-win!


2. It’s Good for Your Health


Ergonomics isn’t just jargon thrown around by health enthusiasts; it’s a real game-changer for your WFH setup. A chair too high for your desk or one that forces you into a slouch will leave you feeling as awkward as a giraffe doing limbo. Even worse, with enough time at your un-ergonomic setup, your posture might resemble that giraffe!


When styling your home office for remote work, consider upgrading to a desk and chair setup that allows you to adjust heights, align your wrists comfortably with your keyboard, and have your feet flat on the ground. Your body will thank you.



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3. Your Furniture Will Fulfill Your Needs


Key broke in filing cabinet lock? Desk too small for your papers? Broken office chair keeps sinking lower than your motivation on a Monday morning? If that sounds like your current WFH situation, don’t resort to a hose clamp or duct tape to fix your dysfunctional home office — it’s high time for an upgrade.

Your furniture should work for you. Opt for reliable, sturdy furniture that won’t leave you hanging mid-meeting, and while you’re at it,  increase your organizational space. Need home office furniture ideas? Check out our guide to creating big efficiency in a small home office.



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4. It’ll Improve Your Focus


You should get as much work done at your home office as at a real office. But in an unideal WFH setup, that’s not the case. If you’re stationed in the noisiest corner of the house or stuck amid constant foot traffic, your work quality might suffer. Consider creating a space where you can concentrate. Simple tweaks like arranging a dedicated corner or converting a spare room can work wonders for your concentration levels. 


5. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think


Working from home used to be a novelty and something that you weren’t worried about long-term. In fact, you might be reading this crouched over your laptop in bed or jammed into a corner in the kitchen! But it’s time to invest in your career and health, as well as your productivity. High-quality home office furniture doesn’t have to stress out your wallet, though.

CORT Furniture Outlet has the gently used office furniture you need at up to 70% off new retail prices and everything at CORT Outlet is CORT Clean Certified™ which means our furniture has been cleaned and thoroughly inspected by our experts before it makes its way into your home. So you can rest easy knowing you’ve invested in your long-term comfort without compromising your budget. Shop online or at your local CORT Furniture Outlet today.

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