How to Identify the Right Desk Chair For You

Out of all of the furniture in your office, your desk chair is the most important piece to pay attention to. Consider this: whether in the office or working from home, throughout the day, you’re in a number of different positions depending on the amount of time you need behind a computer monitor, head-down focus work, or more “casual” collaborative work. That’s a lot of activities that can positively or negatively affect your posture!

Give “proper” posture the attention it deserves by creating a workstation ergonomics checklist. First things first: selecting the right desk chair. Here are the elements to consider while on your quest to find the right desk chair.

Desk Chair Ergonomics Checklist

1. Seat Shape

When choosing a chair for your workspace, the first order of business involves examining seat shapes. Not all office chairs are created equal, especially when it comes to how your bottom fits in the seat.

Seat shapes can vary according to ergonomic design, amount of cushioning, the material used, and more. What’s most important is not necessarily each isolated factor but rather how they come together. Ergonomics is a science, but it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Simplify your needs by asking yourself a few pointed questions. Is the length of the seat pan correctly suited to your height? Does the contoured design align with your body type? When fully seated, do you find that your weight distributes evenly? These three questions serve as a great starting place for finding your perfect fit.

2. Height Adjustment

Your height plays a significant role in the desk chair selection process. If you’re particularly petite or taller than average, being able to adjust chair height gives you the best chance of keeping good posture all day.

Many desk chairs have adjustment capabilities for both the back support cushion and overall height. When perusing options, make sure that the chair you’re considering rises and lowers freely, allowing you to sit with your feet fully planted in a comfortable position. Once the height of the chair is adjusted, make sure the lumbar support aligns comfortably as well.

One quick trick to make sure your positioning is on point: examine your posture while seated. If you’re able to sit up effortlessly with a straight spine and your shoulders back, you’ll know you’re well on your way to making a decision.

3. Lumbar Support

Next up on the chair evaluation checklist: lumbar support. The adjustable lower back supports come in handy; however, its design is the most important aspect of this element.

Much like seat shapes, finding proper lumbar support is a personalized process. Lower back supports can widely range, from minimal to large and extra-cushioned. Ergonomics also play a role, resulting in curved or contoured designs. What’s more, some lumbar support even reclines, allowing you the option to adjust the chair to your work style.

When considering the element of lumbar support, pay mind to your personal needs. If you struggle with back pain consistently, a large and supportive lumbar cushion is critical. However, for most, a simple yet innovative ergonomic design can efficiently correct posture throughout the day.

4. Mobility

When it comes to your preferred work style, do you like to hunker down or move around? If your preference lies in the latter category, it may be beneficial for you to look into mobility. Try out chairs with wheels or swiveling capabilities — these features will help you get into your flow.

How Standing Desks Can Help Your Posture

Not all work styles are the same. For those who don’t want to spend too much time sitting down, here’s an option to consider: a standing desk!

Standing desks can be great for those who like to feel active at their office job. These innovative office pieces reach elevated heights and are adjustable in several ways. This advancement eliminates straining or slouching, thus allowing your body to fall into alignment effortlessly.

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