How Decor Can Help Save on Your Utilities Bill in the Winter (Seriously!)

In the winter, utility bills tend to pile up. This is due to how hard your home’s heat, whether gas or electricity, has to work to keep your home warm. It’s more difficult to heat your home than to cool it, and more expensive as well!


Sure, there are expensive ways to improve your home’s efficiency, like replacing windows or installing a new heat system. But did you know that simple household items, like decor, can also help insulate your home and keep you toasty in the winter? It’s true! This guide can help you utilize decor and furniture to keep your space cozy all winter.


Why Is It So Expensive to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter?


The greater the temperature difference between the inside of your and the outside, the harder your heat and air systems will have to work to adjust. Unfortunately, heating systems tend to be more expensive to run and less efficient than air conditioning, which can cause higher utility costs in the winter.


How to Save Money on Utilities in the Winter with Decor


If you’ve discovered that your home is drafty and cold in the winter, you have options. You don’t have to start an expensive home improvement project, and you don’t have to sacrifice style to help insulate your home! Here are a few ways to improve your home without major renovations.


Cover up.


One of the biggest culprits for heat loss in a home is through windows. According to the Department of Energy, approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows. That means targeting your windows is a great place to start when you’re worried about how to lower the electric bill in winter.


Covering your windows with curtains and treatments can help reduce the heat they lose. The thicker the fabric, the better it will insulate, so now’s the time to grab those heavy-duty blackout curtains.


If you’ve got a particularly drafty window, consider blocking it with furniture in the winter. A heavy bookcase is a great way to block off a window and help prevent heat loss.


Add fluff.


Like your favorite puffy jacket, adding fluff to your home can be one strategy for keeping the gas bill low in winter. So how do you do that? Bring in the rugs, pillows, and blankets! 


Rugs, especially area rugs, can help insulate the floor and add warmth to your home. Choosing multiple rugs for your home, or even layering them, can help, too. Even wall decor, such as tapestries, can help insulate your home. Think of it as a blanket for your house!


Blankets can do the same, especially when you’re stationary, like watching a movie or working from home. Instead of cranking the heat when your toes get chilly at your desk, consider grabbing a throw blanket to put on your lap.


Be a plant – turn towards the sun!


Remember how easily windows lose heat? Well, that means they also let heat through quickly. If you have a pet, you may notice that they find a sunny spot in your home and love to lounge in it. Take a page out of their book! 


If possible, try to capitalize on natural warmth throughout the day by keeping south-facing windows open in the daytime, letting the sun’s warmth do some of the work in heating up your home. Don’t forget to close those blinds and curtains when it cools down at night, though.


Another way to enjoy the sun’s natural warmth is to use flexible furniture to spend more time in those south-facing rooms. For example, if your dining room gets the most direct sunlight during the day, consider turning it into your winter workspace. That way, you can enjoy free heat without cranking the thermostat.


Don’t forget to keep yourself warm.


There is evidence that Americans spend more on energy, including heat than anywhere else. One way to reduce your energy use is to start with yourself! Even though you’re indoors, throw on a pair of socks and opt for a sweatshirt instead of your beloved summer tank top. Eat warm foods like soup, put the coffee maker or kettle to work with a cup of coffee or tea, and don’t skimp on breakfast. Suddenly, that draft might not seem so chilly!


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