Top 5 Bathroom Color Schemes and Decor

While you may feel inclined to match your bathroom to the rest of your home’s decor and color scheme, this room is also a great place to break away and try something different! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for bathroom wall painting ideas, especially creative ones.

Top Color Schemes and Themes


The safe route is to match your bathroom color palette to your bedroom paint. But if you want to break out and flex your creativity, here are a few ideas for bathroom color schemes.


1. Vintage jungle.


Step into your own paradise with this tropical jungle vintage look!


The colors: utilize shades of green, teal, and blue-greens for a quirky vintage jungle look. Don’t be shy about using deep, dark shades of green! Use pops of coral and pink to break things up and brighten the space. Gold accents on furniture, like a side table or cabinet, can also help pull this theme together.


The accessories: Gold hardware for your sinks and drawer pulls keep the vintage theme. If you have natural light, you can’t overdo it with plants. Trailing plants look great on high shelves to drape down the wall. Shaggy bathroom rugs are a fun way to utilize your accent colors; alternatively, themed rugs such as plant or animal prints can tie them all together.


2. Coastal spa-inspired.


Relax and unwind in a calm, peaceful environment by taking inspiration from your favorite seaside spa.


The colors: Stick with cool greys and blues for a soothing experience. Light shades of grey and blue create a calming vibe and can be accented with varying shades of these colors.


The accessories: White works well with these colors. Consider white tile or white furniture to accent your blues and greys. If you’re more inclined towards dark accents, try slate tile or even a river rock shower floor for the ultimate zen. Stick with simple, uncluttered decor such as unframed, round mirrors, simple plants, and smooth rocks. Wall art, especially with a beach or simple abstract theme, can round out the design.


3. Dark and artsy.


Every town has that chic restaurant or bar where everyone takes a perfectly-lit, stylish selfie. Channel that energy into an atmosphere that’ll make you look and feel good.


The colors: For this one, we’re going dark and moody. You can’t go too dark with walls – even charcoal grey and black are great. Accents depend on the exact style you’re looking for, but singular pieces (like a rug) of neon pink or yellow can make this unique.


The accessories: The decor is what makes this look shine. Interesting art, and lots of it, sets this theme apart. Consider a gallery wall of funky postcards or even shadowboxes with objects like matchbooks. Consider using unusual furniture, such as colorful seating, warm wood, or a vintage lamp. The more eclectic, the better.


4. Black and white bathroom.


Keep it classy with sleek black and white. You can’t resist getting dolled up in a bathroom with this sophisticated style.


The colors: Black and white, of course! Slightly changing the shades of these colors by mixing in greys and off-white can break it up. You can go for a genuinely black-and-white look by eschewing all other colors. On the other hand, you can accent with pops of color for a different feel.


The accessories: Dig into your black and white theme with your accessories. For a funky look, add optical-illusion style artwork or patterned tile. Silver hardware shines in a black-and-white room. Make sure you’ve got plenty of lighting, though, especially if you opt for black walls. Sleek, minimalist lamps and light fixtures deepen an oversized mirror and make the room seem larger.


5. Sunny yellow.


Often, the bathroom is your first stop in the morning…well, after the coffee maker, that is! Bright, sunny yellows can help you curate a pleasant and joyful morning routine.


The colors: Yellow, of course, is the primary focus for this look. Stick with brighter shades instead of darker ones for the best effect. Accent with other “happy” colors like salmon and sage green shades.


The accessories: Try to channel your happiest whimsical vibes for this style. Imagine shower curtains with pleasant patterns like animals or plants. Mirrors of various sizes and shapes can help amplify the light in the room, especially if you have natural sunshine that can pour in. Even better if you can find a set of mirrors in quirky shapes to hang on the wall! Add fun wall art for an extra morning smile.


Creative Bathroom Decor


Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a complete theme takeover of your bathroom, or you’re just looking for the right accents for your new look. These decor pieces will be the icing on the cake for your new space!


Add furniture.


Try out a sideboard or credenza for unique storage options or even a bookcase for towels and linens. A desk paired with a hanging mirror can make a stylish vanity. And if you have the space, a fun accent chair can be perfect for getting ready.


Look into unique mirrors.


You don’t have to stick to the boring old rectangular mirror! A pair of framed, oval mirrors accent double sinks nicely, while oversized mirrors can give a luxurious feel. Consider hanging multiple mirrors, as well, beyond the large one behind the sink. 


Add a natural feel with plenty of plants.


Nothing says relaxation like the addition of plants. If you have the natural light to support live plants, look for varieties that will thrive in your bathroom’s humidity. If you don’t have natural light, fake plants work great, too. Aside from the fact that you can’t kill them, a benefit of artificial plants is that you can pick them purely for their aesthetic qualities.


Hang some wall art.


Bathrooms are a great place to hang fun and funky artwork. Whether you get creative with framing unique items, or go for a soothing landscape, make sure that you take precautions to protect them from humidity if your shower is in the same room.


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Your home’s bathrooms can be a great place to let your creativity run wild. Whether you embrace eclectic wallpaper and bold shower curtains or turn it into your personal jungle with piles of plants (real or fake!), bathrooms are the perfect canvas for your unique style.

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