5 Things You Must Have for Success with Remotely Work from Home

An SHRM report detailed that 67 percent of employers are starting to take steps to allow employees to work from home who don’t usually do so. This is drastically different than a 2018 Gallup poll that showed that at the time, only 43 percent of Americans were working remote jobs from home. While we know these statistics will look very different over the years to come, that’s not to say this work situation isn’t without its pitfalls. To enjoy the ultimate success of working from home, you need to be prepared with these five things. 

Next-Level Communication Skills

If you have the privilege of working from home, you need to hone your communication skills. Staying on top of your correspondence with your supervisor, teammates, and colleagues regularly using phone calls, chat software, video calls, and email to collaborate, check-in, and provide status updates. Ask people when they prefer to hear from you, and stick to their preferences as much as possible.

A Set Schedule

Sticking to a schedule is among the top challenges that many people face when they start working remotely from home. When you don’t have a reason to clock in, staying snuggled up in bed longer is more tempting. If you don’t set a schedule for yourself and stick to it as much as possible, you could end up watching the day slip away without managing your workload effectively.

Dedicated Office Space

The beauty of being able to work from home is the ability to do your job from anywhere. You could set up on the couch, head to your backyard, or tuck your laptop in a little corner work area. All you really need is a spot away from distractions to be as productive as possible during working hours. Remember, sometimes it’s not the laundry or dishes in the sink that serves as a distraction, your seating can also stand in the way of your most productive work as well. If you don’t have the extra space to turn a spare room into a home office, look towards creating a small space in an area of your house with a desk and ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable for the long hours and staying on task.

Strong Support System

Working from home could leave you feeling isolated. In fact, research has shown that around 20 percent of people working from home feel lonely. Having a reliable support system of family, friends, and other telecommuters keeps you feeling connected and helps reduce the anxiety that can come with feeling like you’re on your own.

Commitment to Self-Care 

Without a water cooler to gather around, some people find themselves working through breaks and meals to be as productive as possible. That’s a sure-fire way to burn yourself out. Taking occasional breaks actually helps you stay more efficient. It also helps to incorporate healthy habits like regular exercise in your daily schedule to offset the otherwise sedentary nature of working from home. 

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