Investment Furniture: The Best Pieces for Your Life Stage

For many people, the first furniture they own out of their parent’s house was found on the sidewalk, owned by three different friends before them, or bought for cheap. Really, really cheap. Mystery smells, stains, saggy cushions, and stuck drawers plague those street finds. That ratty old furniture may get the job done for a while, but eventually, you’ll want to start investing in higher-quality furniture that you can keep for more than a semester.


You may be wondering where to start: What are the best furniture pieces to invest in? At what age should you get a new mattress or dresser? And most importantly, you’re probably wondering how to buy good quality furniture. These tips will help you invest in furniture that can last a lifetime.


Why Is Investment Furniture Worth It?


Investment furniture is cost-effective.


It may seem counterintuitive to say that more expensive furniture is more cost-effective. While high-quality furniture tends to be more costly up front, it will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace it as frequently.


You can avoid the fast furniture cycle.


When you continuously purchase cheap, poorly, and unethically made furniture, you contribute to the cycle of fast furniture. Not only is it more expensive in the long run to replace constantly, but it’s an environmental disaster and can promote harmful business practices.


High-end furniture can be timeless.


Better quality pieces will pull your house together and are flexible with different designs, styles, and looks. Investing in timeless, well-made furniture means you can utilize it for years, no matter what fads come and go. 


How To Buy Good Quality Furniture


When buying good quality furniture, there are several factors to consider. First, it’s essential to know where to look. Some great options include dedicated furniture stores such as CORT Furniture Outlet. CORT Furniture Outlet sells high-quality, used, furniture at up to 70%off new retail prices, making high-end furniture accessible even on a budget.


Once you’ve found a potential piece, it’s crucial to examine the materials it’s made from. High-quality materials like solid, dense wood, leather, and metal typically last longer and wear better than lower-quality options. When dealing with wood, look for hardwoods, like oak, for better durability.


Other quality signs to look for include sturdy construction, attention to detail in manufacturing, and a comfortable feel. Check for any warranties or guarantees the manufacturer offers, indicating their confidence in the product.


Different Life Stages and the Best Furniture Investments for Them


1. College: invest in your sleep.


Although a mattress on the floor may be a college kid archetype, it doesn’t have to be true. A comfortable mattress and bed are crucial for a good night’s sleep, affecting your mood and health. Investing in your sleep system can improve your overall quality of life – despite those all-nighters you may be pulling during finals!


2. Early career: invest in your office and entertainment.


Once you’ve graduated from college and started your career, investing in your home office setup can be helpful, especially if you’re working from home. A quality desk and comfortable, ergonomic office chair can improve your productivity and make for a more pleasant day-to-day work experience


Accessories such as quality bookcases and storage can enhance the quality of your workspace and your personal enjoyment. Having a dedicated workspace with high-end furniture is investing in your career and comfort. 


This is also a great time to invest in slightly less “utilitarian” furniture that can add comfort to your home: seating. As you move into your career, your version of entertaining guests may evolve from house parties to dinner parties. Consider investing in stylish, comfortable furniture for entertaining, such as nice chairs and sofas. 


Neutral, timeless furniture is essential in this phase, as your investment pieces are just that: a larger monetary investment to keep the item for a long time. You may have to scrounge to purchase this kind of furniture, but don’t forget about the discounted options like CORT Furniture Outlet.


3. Once you’re settled: invest in non-essentials.


When starting your career, it’s important to prioritize upgrading essentials, like beds and chairs. But as you settle into your job and begin to put down roots, consider investing in some non-essential furniture pieces like a nice TV stand, dresser, or dining table set. These pieces can help pull your home together and make it feel complete. 


Beyond just making your home more comfortable, investing in non-essential furniture can also help you feel more settled and accomplished. When you’ve got a well-furnished home, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and your ability to care for your needs. And as you entertain guests, you’ll feel proud to show off your space and your personal style.


CORT Furniture Outlet has Furniture Pieces to Invest In

Investment furniture doesn’t have to mean a higher price tag — just high quality. CORT Furniture Outlet offers furniture and decor that’s designed to endure. Our furniture is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed to withstand for years — both in terms of quality and style. Find timeless decor and furniture now online or in-store at your local CORT Furniture Outlet and enjoy up to 70% off new retail prices on new or gently used items.

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