Get in at the Ground Level with 7 Finished Basement Ideas

When you think of a basement, what do you imagine – a damp cellar full of creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night? That may be true for some homes, but that’s not the case if you’re lucky enough to have a finished basement. Instead, you’ve got an extra floor of possibility for your living space. While your parents may have used it for a pool table and home bar, that may not be your taste if you’re looking for modern, finished basement ideas. We’ll explore what exactly makes a finished basement “finished,” things to consider if your basement isn’t already finished, and cover ideas for what to do with your basement. Let’s dig in!


What is a Finished Basement?


A finished basement is a basement that has insulation, drywall, flooring, electricity, HVAC, and plumbing like the rest of your home. You can consider it an extension of your living space. In some cases, a finished basement may even count towards the square footage of your home, depending on how it’s laid out and how many doors it has leading outside.


Are there benefits to leaving a basement unfinished?


If your home has an unfinished basement and you’re debating whether or not to finish it, the biggest factors to consider are your budget and how you plan to use the space.


Cost to finish a basement


Finishing a basement can be expensive – according to Architectural Digest, from $7,000 to $23,000 depending on size, scope, and more. In some instances, finishing your basement may be a non-starter regarding budget.


Reasons to finish a basement


If your basement still needs to be finished, consider why you want to finish it. Do you need more living space? Is something about the current space keeping you from using it? If you don’t need it for living space, consider partially finishing your basement to make it useable as a workout space, an extra bathroom, a gear storage area, etc.


Finished Basement Ideas


If your home has an already-finished basement, you may need help using it effectively. These ideas can jumpstart your plans.


1. Craft room


Hobbies and crafts can be notorious for taking up closets, storage space, and dining room tables. Consider turning your unused basement into a craft area. Need some inspiration? Start with storage space: bookshelves are an excellent way to store your supplies visibly. Next, set up a table and chair. Depending on the size of your craft, a desk or even a dining room table could be repurposed for your craft table. Finally, ensure you’ve got adequate lighting – basements tend to lack natural light, so don’t be shy with the lamps


2. Guest bedroom


Utilizing your extra basement space as a guest bedroom can provide additional privacy for your friends and family when they stay in your home. Make sure to provide everything they’ll need for their stay: a comfortable bed, a place to store their clothes such as a dresser, bedside tables, and cozy decor to make them feel at home. 


3. Home library


Are you a book lover with a “to-be-read” pile that’s taking over every surface of your home? You’re not alone. Turn that unused basement space into the home library of your dreams. Ample bookshelves and storage space are a great place to start, but why not add a comfortable reading nook, too? A great chair (or two), lamps for additional lighting, and some pillows and blankets can transform your space in a snap.


4. Home theater


Maybe you’re more of a cinephile or gamer than a bookworm. That’s okay! In this case, a basement’s natural darkness can work to your advantage. A high-definition television on a beautiful TV stand, surround sound, and comfortable seating is the perfect jumping-off point for a home theatre. Add shelves and storage for your non-digital collection to get even more organized.


5. Gym


An early morning workout can set your whole day up for success. But nobody likes to get up early, get dressed, and drive all the way to a gym. Imagine if you could roll out of bed, pour a cup of coffee, put on whatever feels comfortable, and blast your favorite tunes in your home gym. Consider turning your finished basement into a personal workout space if that sounds like your dream.


Invest in high-quality equipment relevant to the exercises you prefer, then add your personal touches. A mini fridge to store your favorite post-lift protein shakes? Done. Soft lighting for peaceful morning yoga? Easy. A TV to follow along with your go-to workout program? Check. Make your space your own.


6. Private home office


Take advantage of the low-traffic, quiet of a finished basement by relocating your home office. Dial in your setup with a desk, ergonomic office chair, and excellent lighting. Be sure to check the strength of your internet connection in the basement, though, as you might need to invest in a booster to ensure you don’t drop your next video call. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your new basement office.


7. Game room


Relocate the play area from the family room to a dedicated space in the basement with a fun and functional game room. Keep it kid-friendly with furniture that is safe and comfortable for their needs, with plenty of soft surfaces for the things they like to do. Got a budding artist? A desk with art supplies is a must. Is your child a builder? Baskets and creative storage can keep their blocks within easy reach. Plus, this space can grow with them and evolve to fit their needs as they get older and their interests change.


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