Décor Ideas to Brighten up Your House for Summer

Written by: Maggie Gacy

When the summer rolls around each year, there is always the desire to make things bright and airy to reflect the weather outside. If the warmer weather has you ready to do some upgrades around the house,  you’re not alone! Here are a few, simple, transformations you can make to brighten up your home and add a feeling of calm and leisure.

Tips for the Exterior of the Home

Changing the Siding

Changing the siding on your house can improve your home in many different ways, as it can completely change the appearance of the house. One way in which the siding can be used to make your home look different is by changing the color, so if you are wanting to brighten up things for the summer it may be an idea to choose a brighter color for the siding when changing it. This task can be done by yourself, or you can potentially hire general contractors to do so if you aren’t certain how to do it. If you are wanting to brighten up the outside of your house this is a great place to start.

Tips for the Interior of the Home

Adding a Touch of Green

Having plants in your home can increase the attractiveness of the place as well as the overall environment. Plants take in the carbon dioxide from the room and release oxygen so that you have fresher air to breathe in, which will make you feel better overall. Also, if the plants that you choose have colorful flowers, they will brighten up any corner of the room, making it feel more like summer. And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! There are options of cacti or faux plants that can be used to lighten up the room further without the risk of your plant dying or leaving behind leaves or soil in their wake.

Use the Lighting

In the summer everything seems brighter with the extra natural light, so why not use it?  Take extra care during these months to keep windows cleaned and unblocked so all of the light can get in with nothing in the way. Also, consider a swap to lighter curtains in certain areas like the living room or a home office.

Another idea to make use of the light available to you is to position the mirrors in a way in which they will reflect the light coming in, as well as making the room look larger. Play around with different ways to use natural light to your advantage to make your home as bright as possible.

Use Light Colors

It may seem obvious, but incorporating lighter colors into your decoration and furniture can also make a room seem a lot brighter. It may seem like a bit of a risk with whites, because of staining, so if this could be a problem for you, consider alternatives like light blues, greens, or beige.

It is the same with the paint, if the walls are a lighter color, then the room will seem brighter and bigger, while darker walls will make the room seem smaller and darker.


Decorations can be used to change the brightness in certain parts of the home. We all know that vases, pillows, and rugs can go a long way with changing a room but don’t rule out your bigger pieces too. Consider using metal or silvers for certain pieces like a bookcase or a console table to add a bit of light.

Don’t Break the Bank

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