How to Create a Coffee Nook in Your Home

There are some mornings when a warm cup of coffee is the only thing that makes getting out of bed sound appealing – and for most people, waking up to a barista-made latte is a wonderful but unsustainable treat.

Instead of settling for an unfulfilling homemade coffee, learn how to make a coffee nook! Upgrade your at-home coffee routine by creating a dedicated coffee nook where you can delight in the ritual and enjoyment of all things caffeinated.

What is a Coffee Nook?

A coffee nook is, basically, a mini coffee shop in the comfort of your own home! While it’s just fine to enjoy your morning brew on the go, there is something that feels decadent and special about enjoying it in your cozy coffee nook each morning. It’s a peaceful, quiet space where you can carve out some alone time to read, plan out the day ahead, or simply gather your thoughts. Having a relaxing morning routine is the perfect way to start each day, and your coffee nook will become your favorite part.

Having a coffee nook is also a great idea for anyone who works from home (or wrangles kids all day at home!) and needs that sacred midday break. It is a calming place to sit quietly when you pause the work or the homeschooling duty. A cup of coffee is also a great pick-me-up during the afternoon slump and can be an excellent alternative for anyone who finds themselves reaching for the junk food when that post-lunch fatigue kicks in.

Creating Your Coffee Nook

Luckily, you don’t need to have a ton of extra space to set up your coffee nook. With a little creativity and vision, you can create this sweet space just about anywhere! Choose a place that you can keep fully dedicated to coffee; this means no dirty dishes, kids’ toys, or junk mail will naturally pile up there. A corner of the kitchen or dining room is an obvious choice, but you can also easily craft a coffee nook in your living room or family room.

Ideally, your coffee nook will have room for a few shelves or a cabinet that you can fill with mugs, spoons, and other coffee necessities, a coffee maker or espresso machine, and a comfortable place to sit. Add a few special touches – like a rustic coffee sign, a few houseplants, or your favorite scented candle – and your coffee nook will quickly become your favorite spot in the house.

Getting All Your Coffee Nook Must-Haves

Your specific must-haves may vary a bit based on the room in which you’re creating your coffee nook and how you drink your coffee, but these are a few of the goodies and products you may want to include to upgrade your coffee routine.

A coffee maker:

What’s a coffee nook without the coffee? Your coffee maker or espresso machine is the crown jewel and focal point of your coffee nook. Once you find your favorite products and perfect your recipe, you can easily make great coffee at home.

Coffee mugs & spoons:

Most coffee lovers have a pretty impressive collection of coffee mugs, and your nook is your chance to show them off! Hang them on hooks, place them on a tray next to your coffee maker, or line them up on a floating shelf. Your mugs can become their own art display in your coffee nook.

Shelving and storage:

The shelving and storage are crucial components to your coffee nook, and you have plenty of options to choose from depending on how much space you have to work with. If you’ve got available floor space, you can display mugs, spoons, décor, and other coffee bar goodies on an attractive bar cart. If you’re designing your nook in your dining room or living room, a gorgeous hutch or sideboard can quickly become a stocked coffee bar. Place your coffee maker front and center, and arrange everything else around it.


While the coffeemaker is the focal point of your nook and proper storage is vital, the seating is really what will make or break the space. After all, you’ve got to have a cozy, comfortable place to sit and relax, or you won’t want to spend any time there! Because this is a unique area in your home, you can have a lot of fun with your seating choices. A patterned or brightly colored accent chair adds personality to a coffee nook, while a neutral-colored chair creates a feeling of pure zen. Depending on the space you’re working with, you may also consider a corner chair or a loveseat!

Lighting & décor:

Finally, you’ll make your charming coffee nook your own with lighting and decorative pieces. Make it the ideal spot for reading a book by placing a curved floor lamp behind your armchair or hang a few funky pendant lights above the space for some café vibes. Delineate the space clearly by laying down an area rug and create a few pops of greenery with small potted plants or a larger plant in a decorative basket or planter. Most local coffee shops are full of unique artwork, so a few colorful prints are the perfect cherry on top.

Brew More With Less

Not only will a coffee nook help you ditch the budget-draining latte habit, but it can also be accomplished on the cheap! Whether you need a bar cart for your coffee maker or a comfy armchair where you can relish in your favorite beans’ tasting notes, a visit to CORT Furniture Outlet is a good idea. Find your nearest furniture center for inspected, previously-rented furnishings near you.