6 Cost-Saving Tips for Moving Locally

Whether you’re dealing with a local move, a long-distance move, or even a cross-country move, one thing is for sure: moving is stressful. Your whole life is in boxes, you have a million errands to run, plus you’re spending money on both expected and unexpected moving costs—it’s a lot to handle! 

We may not be able to help you remember which box you packed your shampoo into, but we can help you figure out the cheapest way to move locally. Read on for our best tips to save money on your local move. 

Cheap Moving Options: How to Save Money

1. Opt for hourly moving services. 

Want to know how to hire movers for cheap? Pay by the hour instead of by the day. If you pay a daily rate, you’re stuck with the cost for the entire day, even if your movers are done before their allotted time. With an hourly moving company, you only pay for the time your movers are actually working. If you can stick to some basic organization as you pack and prepare (see #5!), you’ll likely save serious time—and in this case, time is money!

2. Do your research.

It’s a good idea to call at least three companies for moving quotes to get an idea of the average cost in your area. Although you’re looking for a good deal, keep in mind that some cheap moving companies may cut corners to keep costs low—and those shortcuts could cause you more headaches later. Instead of making your decision based solely on price, pay attention to the company’s customer service and ask specific questions to get an idea of what the overall experience will be like. Your future self will thank you for choosing a reliable company.

3. Expand your thinking outside of traditional moving services. 

Maybe you don’t need a full-service move, but an extra set of hands would be a huge help. Instead of calling a moving company, try using a service like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack. These services usually offer you more flexibility in their service types and allow you to hire just one person instead of a whole team to save money. Plus, you may be able to find someone who can help you move and help you wrap up that long list of things to do before you sell your home—and that’s something traditional moving companies can’t offer you. 

4. Ask your friends for a few hours of help. 

Buy some packing paper, call your BFFs, and get moving (pun intended)! DIY moves can get chaotic, but fortunately, friends are usually willing to help. If you don’t want to hire full-service movers, ask friends to help you with all or part of the process. Offer to host a thank-you party at your new home to show your appreciation (you’re getting a free move, after all!), and be prepared to help your friends in return for their next move, too. 

5. Make the movers’ job easy (and yours, too). 

Whether you’re paying for a full-service moving company or just using packing services, you want to get the most bang for your buck. You certainly don’t want movers to have to waste time repeatedly asking you which room the guest bedroom is or getting held up on moving day because you mixed up your truck rental time. Help your hired movers be as efficient as possible with signs that indicate which room is which in your new home, and label your boxes clearly so there’s no question about where they need to go. It’s also a good idea to compile a single folder (digital or physical) that contains all your pertinent moving information—like truck rental agreements and storage unit keys or codes— in one place for quick access on your moving date. This can save you time, and again, time is money when you’re paying movers.

6. Get rid of your old, bulky furniture. 

Are you already dreading moving that couch that seems to weigh 900 pounds? Consider this: what if you didn’t have to move it? If you have furniture pieces that are bulky, extremely heavy, or just difficult to transport, consider selling or donating them before your big move. If you choose to donate, some organizations will even pick up and load your furniture from your current home. Or, sell your items online and use the cash to start fresh with updated furniture in your new home. 

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