7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Office Look Polished (For Less)

The work your small business does is anything but small. That’s why when it comes to your small business office, you need a beautiful workplace for your employees and clients. Ready to create a productive and polished workspace without breaking the bank? Here are our best tips for small business owners who want to create a beautiful space on a budget.

Office Design Ideas for Small Business Owners

1. Start with matching furniture.

Funky and mismatched furniture has a place in the design world, but probably not in your small business office. To create a cohesive look and feel for your office, start with matching desks and chairs for your team members. Matching (or at the very least coordinating) furniture is essential if you have an open-air or shared office space; mismatched desks and chairs create visual clutter and can make a room feel haphazard. Save money when buying multiple desks, chairs, or other large furniture items by shopping CORT Furniture Outlet’s selection of matching workplace furniture and accessories.

2. Use hidden storage to keep clutter at bay.

Whether you run a consulting firm or a design agency, your small business office sends a message to everyone who walks through the door. If your office space is littered with boxes, supplies, or small items on every visible surface, the message you send likely isn’t a favorable one. You want to convey competence and confidence — not complacency!

Get your clutter under control by keeping supplies and other items out of sight (but still within reach). To incorporate aesthetically pleasing storage into your office, consider adding a freestanding cabinet, credenza, or console table. Or, make use of baskets or other opaque storage containers on open shelving to keep an airy feel while still storing what you need. 

3. Create zones.

Whether you have walls that create division between the break room from the conference room or you’re looking for small business office ideas in an open loft space, you’ll want to create different areas for daily business activities and purposes. For example, add a few cozy lounge chairs in a corner to create the perfect spot to take an afternoon break with a cup of tea, or put in a narrow bar height table by the window to create an alternative work zone for employees to provide a needed change of scenery. Creating zones also brings an intentional flow to your small business office, which can help both employees and clients feel more at ease.

When choosing furniture for your office zones, use pieces that can serve multiple purposes, like a community table that can be used for lunch breaks and meetings alike. This will help save you cash and maximize your space.

4. Add a rug.

When it comes to office design ideas for small businesses, you need items that make a big impact for a small price. Furniture aside, rugs can help set the tone of a room. CORT Furniture Outlet has a  selection of attractive, durable area rugs at prices you’ll love. Adding a rug (or several!) to your office can help define zones, infuse style, and make a room feel more spacious

Choose a rug that leaves only a foot or so of space around the edges of the room– nothing makes a room feel tiny and disproportionate like a too-small rug.

5. Don’t rely on overhead lighting. 

Fluorescent lighting is efficient, but does it really create a comfortable setting for long workdays? Consider adding lamps throughout your office in place of glaring overhead lighting. Lamplight is warmer than most overhead fixtures, and even one or two modern lamps can make your office feel inviting and polished rather than cold and sterile. 

6. Bring the outside indoors.

Natural texture and greenery can go a long way in making your office feel calm and put together. Pothos or snake plants are easy to grow in low-light conditions, and you can choose a stylish planter to add visual interest to your space. 

Lacking windows — or a green thumb? No problem. Faux greenery can have the same calming effect with zero maintenance. 

7. Put your personality into it.

The best small business ideas are the ones that reflect the uniqueness of your brand! When you’re designing your small business office, don’t forget to add personality where you can. Make your space unique with large, colorful artwork or a piece of furniture you might typically find in a residential setting (like a small bar cart for coffee or a tall dresser instead of a file cabinet). 

Want to add color on the cheap? Shop for coordinated throw pillows to dress up your waiting room or lounge area without purchasing new furniture. 

Big Savings for Your Small Business Office Furnishings

For matching office sets and modern lounge furniture, shop your local CORT Furniture Outlet! Our inventory of office furniture is ever-changing, so there’s always more to explore. Browse online and pick up in-store on the same day to get your office space up and running in no time. 

Whether you need office furniture for one employee or a whole team, we have everything you need at prices that won’t hurt your bottom line. Shop high-end, gently used office furniture at CORT Furniture Outlet today!


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