What’s Grandmillennial Style (& How to Work it Into Your Home)

You love modern interiors, but vintage accents never fail to catch your eye. You want a minimalist vibe, but you can’t part with that curio cabinet you bought at the antique store. You want to have your cake and eat it, too. And with grandmillennial style — you totally can.

What is Grandmillennial Style?

Grandmillennial style is an immensely trendy interior design style that’s taken off during the last year. It consists of modern furnishings with vintage accents that aim to accomplish nostalgic vibes while remaining relatively uncluttered.

Where Did Grandmillennial Style Come From?

It’s often hard to pinpoint the exact origin of a design trend. However, grandmillennial style seems to have its roots in rebellion! Young renters and homeowners who’ve grown up surrounded by simple, streamlined decor are turning to this interior design style to express their individuality, prioritize sustainability, and give their homes an unconventional twist.

Ways to Incorporate Grandmillennial Style Into Your Home

The beauty of grandmillennial style is that you can incorporate it into almost any space — no matter your current decor style. Unlike with Scandinavian or contemporary style, you won’t have to re-think your current furniture or organization methods. Here are a few common ways in which you can try out grandmillennial style in your space.

1. Work in some wallpaper.

“Granny chic” design embraces prints and patterns — and wallpaper is a perfect, vintage-inspired way to incorporate a pattern or two into your space. A few good wallpaper styles to try for a grandmillennial look include botanical prints featuring hydrangeas and vines, or “Toile du Joy” patterns, which feature a dark blue or black storybook scene on an ecru backdrop. If you’re renting, consider opting for renter-friendly peel and stick wallpaper or wall decals.

Worried your space could end up looking cluttered? Limit your wallpaper or decals to one wall — perhaps in the formal dining room or a half-bath.

2. Add ornate accent furniture.

Carved wooden furnishings like accent chairs and Chippendale-inspired end tables can add a pop of vintage to any space. Incorporate them into your office for a beautiful reading nook or add them to the guest room to create a comfy, decorative corner. Use these maximalist elements with caution though — too many ornate pieces can quickly take your space from embellished to overwhelming!

3. Rethink your light fixtures.

If you think lighting fixtures are merely functional necessities, think again. Replacing bare bulbs and standard flush-mounted lights is the perfect opportunity to add granny chic flair to your space.

In lofted spaces such as foyers and formal dining rooms, consider incorporating chandeliers or fitter chain pendant lights. If you need accent lighting to illuminate desk surfaces, bedside tables, and credenzas, look to chinoiserie table lamps (the ones that look like vases with blue and white oriental patterns), bankers’ desk lamps, and textured glass sconces.

4. Add in granny chic decor and family heirlooms.

Once you’ve set the foundation for your grandmillennial spaces, you can stake out strategic spots for additional pops of decor. A few common places where you can sneak in small accents for major impact include atop kitchen cabinets, chests, or accent tables. Consider creating larger displays inside curio displays or bookcases. Finally, be sure to cover your bare wall spaces with an array of wall art.

Get creative and mix in match your new finds with your old favorites. Many granny-chic decor fans choose to mix in their beloved heirlooms, favorite flea market finds, and old family photos.

5. Add pattern and comfort with pillows and textiles.

A throw pillow here and a cozy crocheted afghan there perfectly set the stage for a relaxing evening in sipping tea and binging on Netflix’s latest hits. Add granny-chic flair to your living areas and bedrooms by selecting printed or embroidered throw pillows and layering with quilts and knits.

Don’t forget the drapes! Select velvet tasseled curtains, delightful patterned curtains, or even a simple sheer lace curtain to dress up your windows and bask in grandmillennial style. Dress up your floors with area rugs. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by selecting a shaggy, floral print, or traditionally patterned rug.

Where to Shop for Grandmillennial Elements

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