Your Guide to Modern Boho Aesthetic

Think you know boho? Think again. Dive into true lived-in style with these tips for achieving modern bohemian design. 

What is Modern Boho Interior Design? 

Modern boho is an expressive, relaxed style that pairs modern lines with eclectic bohemian interior style elements. A true modern boho space emphasizes natural elements, color, and texture to create a comfortable yet design-forward space.

6 Tips for Achieving Boho Chic at Home

Embrace Natural Elements

Sure, wicker and rattan are often used in boho decor, but they’re far from the only way to achieve a natural, relaxed feel. Instead, try playing with natural hues and finishes — whether the lines of your existing furniture pieces lean Nordic-Scandanavian or modern farmhouse. 

Woods in light, warm hues can help accentuate and brighten your space without looking sterile. Curate staple furniture such as a natural wood dresser, bookcase, dining table, or coffee table. Leather sofas and chairs add a natural touch and are perfect for lounging. From there, add natural appeal to your space using plants — real or faux will do the trick. Fill awkward corners with large palms and dot bookshelves, entry tables, and coffee tables with faux succulent accents.

Create Interest Through Juxtaposing Lines

Pair clean lines with rounded, organic design elements to create a truly striking modern boho look. In the living room, you can pair a streamlined sectional with a rounded ottoman. Opt for a gently curved headboard in the bedroom. In terms of wall art, you can create contrast and interest by mixing rounded decorative mirrors with framed artwork. 

Mix and Match 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to colorways, furniture styles, patterns, or textures. Modern boho encourages you to embrace your inner eclectic. You’re free to take kitsch to the next level — or to keep your pops of pattern and color to a minimum. Consider taking a different approach in each room of your home as some rooms can handle more than others. Smaller spaces — or those where functionality is key, like bathrooms and the kitchen — may easily become overwhelmed while larger rooms can handle more pattern and decor.  

Pick Your Palette

The classic boho color palette is ripe with color but typically consists of greens and muted earth tones. However, you’re free to cultivate any palette that best suits your taste! Consider choosing your preferred neutral hues first — whether beige, linen, khaki, or stone — and work from there. You can incorporate a mix of warm and cool hues, keep things light and neutral, or even curate a moody look. It’s entirely up to you! 

Create Lived-In Layers

Layering is the key to crafting a dreamy bohemian bed or lounge area. Layer up bedding, throws, and pillows to create a welcoming (and comfortable) space throughout your home. Layer down patterned rugs underfoot for the ultimate bohemian-chic approach.

Play With Eye-Catching Textures and Pattern

Indulge your senses with eye-catching texture. Mix in knits, faux fur, leather, stone, woven elements, and rough-hewn woods to draw the eye in. Feeling bold? Create appeal by mixing (or layering) contrasting textures and patterns. 

Make a Bold Statement 

Statement decor and furniture can help you create a focal point in every room. Invest in a comfortable colorful armchair for your living room. Create a tablescape to top your boho dresser, dining table, or coffee table. Make a splash with a painted or wallpapered statement wall. Not ready for commitment? Design your own statement wall using renter-friendly peel-and-stick decals or wallpaper. 

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