Top Furniture Pieces to Complement Your Existing Furniture

Have you ever looked around a room in your house and felt like it needs something that is missing? That missing link could be a piece of furniture. We’re not talking about your standard items, like your sofa or your bed. These are those extra touches that add style to your home, complement your existing furniture, and make it fully functional, all at the same time. 

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are great in any room, from your kitchen or living room to the bedroom or home office. They add extra seating, so there’s always a place for unexpected guests. Or if you just like to entertain, you don’t have to worry about pulling those old folding chairs out of the basement. They’re also a great way to experiment with color and patterns. If your current decor scheme is neutral, but you want to go bold, pick a fun accent chair and see how it brightens up a room.  

Storage Chest 

For many people, thinking about storage chests brings back memories of their grandparents’ homes. But these amazing accents are hardly outdated. Whether you place one at the foot of your bed, use it as a coffee table or place it elsewhere in your home, it adds culture, charm, and character. The best part is that it gives you some extra storage space, which we can all use more. 


Speaking of storage, you don’t have to have an impressive library to take advantage of what a bookcase can offer practically any room in your home. You can use it to show off your collectibles and trinkets or use it to hold other types of media, like DVDs, video games, or textbooks. If you prefer a cleaner look, add baskets and decorative boxes to store items like toys and linens right there in plain sight. If you need storage in a small guest bedroom but don’t want to add a heavy dresser or chest of drawers, a tall slim bookcase is perfect. It uses more vertical space and doesn’t overpower the rest of the room.  

End Table 

There’s an unspoken rule in decorating that every seat in your home should have a flat surface nearby so that guests always have a place to put their drinks or anything else they don’t want to hold on to while they visit. Small end tables by your sofa and chairs provide this and so much more. They’re perfect for holding lamps if you want to add more light to a room, and, of course, they’ll hold plants and other types of home decor you want to show off as well. 


The average home doesn’t have enough closet space for the typical resident’s clothes and other personal items. Even if you do have large walk-in closets, more storage is always a good thing. That’s why every home should have a dresser — but it doesn’t necessarily have to go in the bedroom. Many people opt to keep a dresser in their living room with their TV mounted on the wall over it, and they use it to hold items like toys, paperwork, and media. It also works in dining rooms, foyers, and anywhere you need to add storage and style. 

Dining Table 

You may like to have dinner in front of the TV every night, but there is something about a dining table that makes a house feel complete. You might only use it during holidays or when you have guests over, but it’s nice to have if you do entertain occasionally. Your dining table doesn’t have to be large, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Even a bistro set works.

Chaise Lounge or Recliner 

Adding a chaise lounge or recliner to your home — particularly your living room or on your first floor —  serves so many purposes that you’ll wonder how you went so long without one. First, they provide extra seating for guests. And if those guests stay over, you have an extra place for them to sleep if you don’t have a guest room. But they also help you out. If you or a loved one is ever sick or injured or you don’t think you can make it to bed for some reason, you have a place to relax for the night. Chaise lounges may add more style, but recliners take up less space. 

Comfortable Sofa or Loveseat 

When you’re decorating your home with new furniture, it’s tempting to choose style over function. But every house should have a comfortable sofa or loveseat where you can kick back and relax if you’re having a rough day or you just want to wind down after work. Thankfully, sofas come in so many styles, shapes, patterns, and color these days that it’s not hard to find something that matches the rest of your home. If you’re just moving in, consider choosing a sofa for your living room first and filling in the rest of the room with furniture pieces and accents that compliment it. If you already have a sofa in your living room, but it’s not ideal for lounging, consider adding one to another part of your house, like your breakfast area in the kitchen or that extra wall in your bedroom. 

Coffee Table 

And almost anywhere you place a sofa should also have a coffee table. While they’re not necessary, they help a room come together, and they serve many purposes. Choose one that doubles as storage if you’re short on closet space or live in a smaller home or apartment. Use it to hold your drink and laptop at night while you’re watching TV. The coffee table top is also a good place to show off some of your favorite decorative items. 

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