Next Steps After Moving in 2022

This year moving may look a little different. In the past, the housing market has been pretty stable, but lately with less time on the market and longer closing times, moving has become a long-awaited task these days. Whether you decide to hire professional movers or do it yourself, these 4 steps after any type of move will be very beneficial to follow.

The Dreaded Unpacking

This goes without saying that unpacking is bound to happen. Do not wait on this step either, it needs to be the first step when relocating, otherwise, you will end up still fishing for random items that never got unpacked years later. The key to unpacking is taking it one room at a time and organizing as you go.

When organizing, it is crucial that all of your belongings find a place in your new home. This can be done through the use of decorative and acrylic containers to keep everything in its place. Implementing a system early on will allow for your home to be well-kept and for your family members to join in on keeping the home tidy.

Minor Updates

The relocation process can be stressful, but one thing you’ll want to do in any home/apartment is make it your own. This can be accomplished in many different ways including large and small renovations. First, evaluate which rooms you’d like to make some adjustments to, then start planning and budgeting for each project.

Some larger updates can include new flooring throughout the whole home and new cabinets in the kitchen. Unless you’re very handy, hiring a contractor to help with these updates will be a necessity. They’ll be able to get the job done right, and you won’t have to worry about the time it takes to install these new items as well as demolition of the old ones.

Next, consider updating the bathroom(s). These tend to be the spaces that are outdated and need the most work. The bathroom is also a space that holds its value very well and has a high return on investment (ROI); keep this in mind if you plan on relocating again in the near future.

Update the vanity and flooring to transform the space without having to outsource help if you’re the do-it-yourself type. A new bathroom vanity will be the focal point of your space and if you have multiple bathrooms, now is a great opportunity to match them to one another, creating a cohesive design throughout the home. Updating the vanity will also serve as a reason to add another sink if your space allows for that and it’s something your new space is missing. To finish off the space, swap out that old tile for something new and fresh that speaks more to your personal style.

Furnishing Your New Home

Investing in new furniture is very important when moving, as it will give you the chance to update some pieces that desperately need it. New furniture can be expensive, so exploring some other options is going to be crucial for those who have a tighter budget.

One alternative is high-quality, second-hand furniture, like that of CORT Furniture Outlet, which is up to 70% off new prices. These pieces found in our outlet centers can help you save money, especially if you are furnishing an entire home. Customers are able to review our local inventory from home, and purchase online to pick up the same day! In-person shopping is also available if that’s more convenient for you.

Another option is to choose furniture rental. This is a beneficial option for those who either live in an apartment/rental property or relocate often and don’t want to worry about the hassle of moving large pieces of furniture. CORT Furniture Rental is a very sustainable option and can be very convenient for those in various circumstances.

Time to Decorate

Decorating will be your final step and is one that will never end. When it comes to home decor, styles and seasons are forever evolving and so will your home design. Start by identifying your design style preferences, then begin picking out staple pieces for each room of the house.

When appealing to 2022 design trends you’ll want to include various items in your home. Textures are a big thing, and this can be achieved using throw pillows, blankets, mirrors, and rugs throughout the home. Even textured baskets are a good way to include this in your design.

People are also utilizing vintage pieces mixed in with newer items. Incorporating older classics will give your home some character while utilizing the newer elements to make the home feel updated too. This mix will look different for everyone, but vintage pieces are another way to save money in your design as well as be sustainable while decorating.

All in all the moving process can be stressful, but be sure to take it step by step to alleviate some of that stress. Just remember that most of this is an ongoing process to maintain so setting your home up from the start will be critical in allowing you to establish your design over time.

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