3 Unused Spaces in Your Home & How to Repurpose Them

Do you find yourself with an extra room in your home? Lucky you! Instead of letting a spare or unused room become a waste of space, work some interior design magic and make it into something you’ll enjoy every day. Check out these room ideas to make the most of unused space in your home.


Maximize a Spare Bedroom in Your Home


Glamorize getting ready with the ultimate walk-in closet.


Sharing a small closet? Not anymore. Use a spare bedroom to create your dream luxury walk-in closet with all the functionality (and frills) you could want. With a vision and a DIY attitude, you can repurpose secondhand dressers, bookcases, and more to create your perfect getting-ready space.


Multitask with a flexible guest bedroom.


Flex spaces give you the most bang for your buck; guest rooms are the perfect example. You don’t have overnight guests every night, so why not use an extra bedroom or underutilized bonus room for other purposes, too? Create a space for your hobbies (more on this in our next tip). Add a comfy sofa bed that transforms your room into a cozy getaway in minutes and a few nightstands that can double as end tables when you need a lounge spot. 


Create a space to create! 


Whether it’s music, sewing, or watercolor painting, your hobby needs a room in your home. An extra bedroom can offer you tons of storage for craft supplies, musical instruments, and more. Add a couch for jam sessions, or choose an oversized desk with plenty of space to lay out your next work of art. And just think: if your workspace is a huge mess when you’re mid-project, all you have to do is shut the bedroom door—no cleanup required.


What to Do With an Unused Dining Room


Make a toast with a home bar.


Maybe you’re not into crafts…unless they’re craft cocktails. Instead of going out on the town searching for the perfect cocktail club or wine-tasting vibe, create it in your home. Bar height furniture adds sophistication to your space, and a unique storage piece for your wine or liquor collection can double as a design statement. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either. You can easily repurpose a bookcase, table, or office furniture to create a DIY bar cart that best suits your space — and your style. 


Finally, don’t forget the details, like mirrors and lighting, to set the mood. All that’s left is to invite your friends over for a happy hour!


Embrace your best WFH life.


Your formal dining room hasn’t had a formal dinner in years. But you know what has been getting a lot of action? That one corner of the kitchen table is where you work from home. Isn’t it time for a dedicated space where you can be productive? Trade out your dining room table for a stylish desk and an office chair, and make the space your own. Add lamps to help you feel productive yet relaxed throughout your workday, and infuse your personality with wall art and desk accessories. 


What to Do With Unused Front Living Room


Create your own reading room – library ladders optional.


Some people dream of having a gourmet kitchen or a state-of-the-art media room. But you? You dream of a library. An unused front living room can make for a perfect library space. Line the walls with bookshelves, bring in a comfy couch (or two), and create the perfect escape into your favorite pages. Add a side table or coffee table for a cup of tea (and your “to be read” stack, of course) and plenty of comfy blankets to make it inviting. Maybe you don’t have a separate family room, but you want to know how to fill the empty space in your existing living room. A reading corner works perfectly here, too. Fill an empty corner with a comfortable accent chair, a perfectly sized bookcase, and a floor lamp. 


Play up the fun with a game room.


Sure, you could use your dining table for board games, but why not go all out and fill the space with options? A dedicated game room can have a dart board on the wall, a piece of furniture dedicated entirely to storing games, and even a pool table or foosball table, if you want. Plus, since extra living rooms and dens are often positioned at the front of your house, they’re perfect for entertaining guests. Visitors can play a friendly game of pool or checkers while you put the finishing touches on dinner. Add a few accent tables for drinks or snacks, and let the fun begin!


What To Do With an Extra Room in Your House

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