What Does the Gas Bill Include? Gas Bill 101

You get a stack of utility bills every month. But have you ever wondered what exactly each one is and how it’s calculated? Natural gas is just one of the bills you might receive, like water, sewer, and electricity – but it’s not like the gas you put in your car! Let’s explore gas bills, how to lower them, and more.


What is Natural Gas?


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas is a fossil fuel made up primarily of methane, with other chemicals mixed in. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, so providers add a chemical called ​​mercaptan that smells like rotten eggs to help you detect a gas leak in or around your home.


Natural gas is transported through pipelines throughout the United States. After passing through different regulation and metering stations, it comes to your home. Much like electricity, many appliances in your home (if they’re set up for natural gas) can use it as a power source. 


What Does the Gas Bill Include?


Your monthly gas bill is a calculation of how much natural gas your household uses over the billing period. In the United States, your gas usage will likely be measured in a unit called “therms,” and one therm equals 100 cubic feet of natural gas.


What uses gas in my home?


Every home is different, and different areas use different amounts of natural gas. Some appliances in your home that could run off natural gas include your oven and stove, laundry machines, heat and air conditioning, water heaters, and fireplaces. Many homes use a mix of electricity and gas, though. For example, you may have a gas oven but electric washer and dryer.


Is gas and electric the same bill?


Gas and electricity are not the same bill. If your home has gas and electric appliances, the energy that each one uses is billed separately. In other words, if your home’s lighting uses electricity, but your laundry machines are gas, you will receive two separate bills. You will not receive a gas bill if your home is only wired for electricity.


Why Is My Gas Bill So High?


A large increase in your gas bill, especially if your heat is off for the season, could indicate a gas leak or a problem with one of your appliances. If you suspect a gas leak, call your provider’s emergency line immediately! However, if there’s no gas leak, you can take steps to conserve energy and potentially lower your bill. 


What’s an average gas bill?


Gas bills can vary greatly from place to place and amongst different households. According to personal finance company SoFi, the average United States household gas bill in 2023 was around $65 per month. That amount can be heavily influenced by the age of your home, how efficient your appliances are, and how many people live in your home.


How to Lower a Gas Bill


Reducing your gas bill comes down to lowering your energy use. Here are a few simple home projects that can help.


1. Improve your home’s overall efficiency.


Making your home more efficient can help reduce your energy bills. Seal leaks and drafts, including those around your windows, doors, attic, and basement. Consider hanging curtains and using rugs for even better insulation.


2. Maintain your appliances.


If your appliances struggle to function properly, they can use more energy than usual. Have your gas appliances serviced regularly, and ensure they’re clean and running well.


3. Practice green habits.


Some elements of energy efficiency come down to personal behavior. Lower your heat while you’re not home or you’re in bed (get that cozy blanket out for movie nights, too!). You can reduce hot water use by running cold cycles on your washing machine and shortening your showers. Invest in technology such as a smart thermostat to utilize automatic energy-saving settings if you can.


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